4W - Timor
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10 - 24 June 2008

Last News: 26/03/2009 the 4W6R log has been uploaded to LoTW. All direct QSL were confirmed between october 2008 and february 2009. QSL via bureau were sent (COMPLETE log) in february/march 2009.

The Union de Radioaficionados Españoles, URE, (The Spanish Amateur Radio League) is proud to announce a project in East Timor to take place in June 2008. URE´s Radiosolidarity Department will organize an Amateur Radio DXpedition, combined with activities to promote Amateur Radio including the donation and setting up of a complete amateur radio station at the University of Dili. It is hoped that by operating alongside students and teachers of the Electrical Engineering and other departments it will be possible to sow the seeds of future amateur radio activity of a permanent nature in East Timor.

During the last few years URE´s RadioSolidaridad has been involved in projects in the following countries: 1998-TJ2RSF-Cameroun [ in collaboration with RSF], 1998/1999-Cuba [campaign of donation of material], 1999-HU4U-El Salvador, 2000-HQ0R-Honduras, 2001-TG0R-Guatemala, 2003-ZA1A-Albania [an IARU project], 2004-7W0AD-Algeria, 2004-T42R-Cuba, 2006-TZ6DEL-Mali, 2007-T42R-Cuba, 2007-HQ2R-Honduras.

This new project will take place in cooperation with the University of Dili, located in the capital of East Timor. The callsign that will be used is 4W6R.